Ages 3-7


The Princess Ballerinas® program combines the technique and terminology of a traditional dance class with the creativity of story and imagination.

This program is specifically designed for young children to introduce them to the joy of dance and imagination, but to also give them the skills and confidence to continue learning and growing for a lifetime.

Ages 7-11

Junior Dancers

Our Junior Dancers program is specially designed for young dancers between the ages of 7 and 11 who are eager to explore the world of dance in a fun and nurturing environment. This exciting program offers a fantastic opportunity for budding dancers to discover their passion for movement, build fundamental dance skills, and develop a love for the art of dance.

Ages 11-18

Teen Dancers

Our Teen Dancers program is designed for passionate dancers between the ages of 11 and 18 who are eager to elevate their dance journey to new heights. This exciting program offers a nurturing and empowering environment where teenage dancers can further develop their skills, explore their creativity, and embrace the art of dance.

6,000+ sq ft

Our studios are meticulously designed to enhance the dance experience and inspire greatness in every dancer.

Certified Instructors

When it comes to your child's dance education, nothing matters more than having qualified and certified instructors who are passionate.

Award-winning Performers

Our students have proven time and again that hard work and the guidance of our experienced instructors lead to success.

Classes for all Levels

No matter your age, experience, or skill level, TDS Dance Company has the perfect class to suit your needs and ignite your passion for dance.

Genre/Subject Descriptions

Jazz class incorporates the elements of Ballet and Modern dance set to popular music and includes stretches, isolations, turns, jumps, leaps and choreographed combinations as well as the development of style.

Lyrical is a style of Jazz that has been fused with Ballet and encourages artistic expression and emotional content while building grace and fluidity.

Contemporary draws on modern dance techniques while balancing lyricism, fluidity and athleticism. This popular dance style is concerned with concept and theme and emotional content.

Ballet class combines grace, line and beauty to provide the technical foundation for all dance forms.

Acrobatics and Tumbling – teaches floor gymnastics which can be incorporated into dance. Tumbling class focuses on the aerial and tumbling aspect of Acrobatics such as learning back handspring, aerials and much more.

Tap class blends Coordination and Rhythm into a fun and timeless Dance form.

Hip Hop mixes Funk and Street Dance styles to create fun and freestyle movement. Dancers have lots of fun wearing comfortable clothes and jamming to the beat.

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We offer a variety of classes for dancers ages 3 to 19 and have something to offer dancers of all skill levels. Young dancers will be able to build a robust foundation for their core skills while being challenged to hone their technique.