At The Acro Lab, we’re thrilled to offer a wide range of Acrobatic and Tumbling Classes for ages 3-18. We understand that each child is unique, and we’ve carefully curated classes at different levels to cater to their individual abilities and interests.

Our state-of-the-art facility boasts a 20 FOOT TUMBL TRAK AIR, along with a variety of gymnastic mats and tools. These top-notch resources allow us to accommodate diverse styles of acrobatic skills and cater to students of varying levels.

Whether your child is a dancer, cheerleader, gymnast, or simply has a passion for tumbling, our classes provide the perfect platform to explore and refine their acrobatic skills in a safe and supportive environment.

Ages 3-18


Tumble Trak is the best Air Floor Technology! Tumbl Trak has 20 years of quality testing, upgrading materials, and advanced techniques to make the safest, most durable Air Tumbling line possible. Tumbl Trak’s™ Air Floor allows gymnasts, cheerleaders, and other tumblers to train harder while minimizing the risk of injury. You’ll notice a big difference in the quality of Tumbl Trak’s line of air training equipment.


This class is specifically designed for beginner and intermediate students. In these fun and exciting classes, students will work on their basic and fundamental tumbling, balancing, and stretching skills, and have fun while doing so. 

Students will be working on strength, flexibility, and basic skills, these elements will become their core building blocks. They include: one-arm cartwheels, cartwheel step-ins, bridges, backbends, and more.


This class is designed for students age 7 and older who have the knowledge of all their fundamentals and basics to advance forward in their learning capabilities. At this level, you will be improving upon your back/front walkovers, aerials, and back/front handspring, along with other essential skills required to advance your learning.


This class is only for students ages 9 and older who have met the required criteria of a standing back handspring and round-off back handspring.  This intense class will included conditioning and will require learning the more advanced aspects of tumbling such as side and front aerials, standing aerials, tucks, pikes, whips, layouts, and more.


Registration Fee of $35.00 per dancer*

Registration Fee is waived if student is enrolled in dance classes.

OPTION 1: Pay Monthly Tuition with the Automatic Payment Plan

Tuition will be automatically charged to your debit or credit card on the first day of each month from September through June. This is the only method of paying monthly. TDS accepts MasterCard, Visa, and Discover.

OPTION 2: Pay Tuition in full for the year – Only One Payment

Select this method and take a 10% discount if paid by August 1, 2023

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We offer a variety of classes for dancers ages 3 to 19 and have something to offer dancers of all skill levels. Young dancers will be able to build a robust foundation for their core skills while being challenged to hone their technique.